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Certified Organic Beef, Honey & Rosemary Sausages

Certified Organic Beef, Honey & Rosemary Sausages

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Sausages Details
Our traditional, handmade sausages are gluten and preservative free and contain certified organic ingredients.   Your sausages will be delivered to you in a biodegradable tray.  As our sausages contain no preservatives they have a shelf life of 5 days from the day they are made.  You will receive 6 sausages weighing approximately 450 gms. 

Organic beef (75% beef, 25% fat), honey, dried rosemary, rice flour, egg, sweet paprika, sweet curry, sea salt, mixed herbs & natural casings.

Our natural casings are the only product we use which isn't certified organic as it's impossible to obtain certified organic sausage casings in Australia.  Our natural sausage casings are made with pig intestines.

We also offer a 'design your own sausages' service if some of the ingredients do not work in your diet.  If you would you would like to design your own sausages click here.

Cooking Instructions

Sausages can be barbecued, char-grilled, grilled, pan-fried or oven roasted.  When cooking our sausages, the slower they are cooked the better they taste.  

We recommend oven roasting at 120C for 20 minutes.  If you cook them at too high a temperature their skins will burst.

It is true sausages contain fat – this gives them some of their flavour and keeps them moist.  If you want to remove some of the fat we suggest you simmer or poach sausages for about 20 minutes prior to cooking.

Pricing Structure
Our serving sizes are an approximation, you will be invoiced $21.92 (per kg price) x the weight of the sausages.  Approximately $9.86.