Our Farm - Cherry Tree Downs

‘Cherry Tree Downs’ is an organic beef and lamb farm located 165 kilometres from Melbourne in picturesque South Gippsland, a region renowned for its crisp, fresh air and pristine clean water.  With plentiful rainfall and a temperate climate, South Gippsland is Australia's most prized environment for producing superior quality beef & lamb.

In an effort to farm for the future we have implemented environmentally sustainable farming principles enabling stock to grow in a natural and healthy environment without the need for artificial inputs.  We don't use any pesticides, artificial fertilisers, hormones or antibiotics; instead we follow organic farming principles.

Producing quality beef and lamb starts with creating healthy soil.  The soils at ‘Cherry Tree Downs’ are balanced with natural minerals and full of microbes; soil testing has confirmed a fertile environment with abundant soil life.  Top quality soil creates nutritious pastures, which leads to healthy cattle and lambs and finally great tasting beef and lamb containing essential vitamins and minerals.

The farm is fully sustainable, a running creek and dams on the property provide water for all stock on the property.  We have planted native trees all over the farm to give their animals’ shelter, wind protection and to allow for re-vegetation.  This along with the clean, unpolluted air and sea breezes provides an optimal environment for our animals to grow in.

Animals are shifted onto fresh pasture and water daily; this ensures the stock have the best possible nutrition.  We use low stress stock handling methods to ensure stock are quiet and content.  For example, generally when we open the gate our stock will automatically follow us, walking into the next paddock.  Our animals expect to be moved into a new paddock with fresh pasture each day and know our arrival means fresh grass.

Each year on a Sunday during Spring we hold our annual farm tour.  This is an opportunity for our customers to visit 'Cherry Tree Downs' and tour the farm.  Our 2014 farm tour will held in the late Spring.  If you are interested in visiting our farm please sign up to our mailing list - we will provide you with further information about the tour closer to the date.