Cherry Tree Organics Pork, Bacon & Ham

Cherry Tree Organics Pork
Cherry Tree Organics pork is sourced from a single family farm from Robert & Aristi Furmanczyk.  Robert & Aristi along with their four children Lauren, Andrew, Olivia & Heath run a certified organic farm ‘White Clover Park’ in Central Victoria, 45kms from Bendigo.

Tired of the city life and wanting to bring their children up in the country, Robert & Aristi purchased their farm ten years ago. They started farming pigs because they really LOVED pigs. “We started with one pig and the kids loved her. Before we knew it we had two, three, four and then we were pig farmers!”.

10 years later and Robert & Aristi still love pigs and love being pig farmers. Their pigs are all born and grown out in the open paddocks, and are provided a stress free environment to roam the fields, shelter under tree belts and cool down in the wallows. “Our pigs are the happiest pigs you will find in Australia” You know this is a place where the people who farm the land are passionate about what they do and love animals.

Their pigs have access to permanent pasture, comprising of ryegrass, lucerne, clover and a range of self-sown grains. Supplementary feed is milled and prepared on the farm.

They have carefully chosen English heritage breeds, the Berkshire, Hampshire, & Wessex Saddlebacks. These breeds were selected predominately for their flavour, they are slow growing pigs which put on a lot of fat allowing the pork flavour to develop.

The pork is free from hormones, antibiotics, additives and water injections. When you taste the pork, you will taste the difference in quality, these animals have been raised ethically.

The pork has no additives, no water injected, no hormones and no antibiotics, just real natural pork.   You will rediscover how pork should really taste.  The pork produced is rich, sweet and has a clean taste and great marbling which keeps the meat juicy. It has a unique flavour which melts in your mouth.

The pigs travel half an hour to the small scale abattoir, this low stress short trip is the final quality control step we take extra care with.

Cherry Tree Organics Nitrate Free Bacon & Ham
Cherry Tree Organics nitrate free ham and bacon is made using pork from ‘White Clover Park’. The ham and bacon is cured with a natural nitrate made from celery extract.