Certified Organic Half a Lamb Butchered

Certified Organic Half a Lamb Butchered

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Price $155.00    Weight A minimum of 7 kgs of lamb

What you will receive:

  • Lamb cut into convenient portion sizes for two people
  • Lamb that is vacuum sealed and labelled and delivered in a cardboard box (or polystyrene if you may not be home to receive your order)
  • Your storage requirements for your lamb is similar to 4 loaves of bread

Cuts of Lamb:
If you would like to cut your pork in a different way to suggestion below please request an 'cut up sheet' and we will give you alternatives to each cut of lamb.

  • 2 lamb shanks
  • Approximately 8 loin chops
  • Approximately 4 chump chops
  • Approximately 6 forequarter chops
  • 1 eight point rack of lamb
  • 2 traditional half leg roasts
  • 1 forequarter roast (rolled shoulder)
  • Lamb spare ribs
  • Lamb mince
  • Lamb bones