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Delivery FAQs

Is there a minimum order? Delivery fees?
If you would like a home delivery, there is a minimum order of $50. Orders under $50 may be picked up from our Beaconsfield store.
Orders over $300 qualify for free delivery! Orders between $50-$300 have a $30 delivery fee.

What time should I expect my meat delivery?
Due to traffic and variation each week in the number and location of deliveries our route changes each week.  Therefore we can’t confirm in advance what time you can expect your order. 

If you would like to get an idea of when your meat will be arriving you can call our driver from 7am on the morning of delivery to get an idea of when your meat will be arriving.

How is your meat packed?
Most cuts of Cherry Tree Organics meat are vacuum sealed to extend its fridge life.  Cherry Tree Organics sausages, burgers and crumbed schnitzels are the exception; instead they are packed in biodegradable trays.  Your meat will be labelled and packed in convenient portion sizes.

Why do you vacuum seal meat?
Cherry Tree Organics products are vacuum packaged for your convenience. Vacuum sealing allows a longer fridge life and protects meat from bacteria and dehydration.

Upon opening a vacuum packaged meat product, meat develops a confinement odour that will dissipate once the meat is exposed and the packaging discarded. This odour is a natural occurrence of the meat ageing process and isn’t harmful.  Once you open the vacuum pack, the meat should be cooked within 2-3 days or frozen.

Do I need to be home to receive my order?
You don’t need to be home as long as you have somewhere safe for our driver to leave your order which is ideally in the shade and free from any pets.  If you may not be home we recommend you leave an esky outside or request a polystyrene box.  On hot summer days we include frozen ice packs with your order to ensure your meat stays cold.  (In an effort to look after the environment we try to avoid using polystyrene boxes, if you require one try and hold onto it for your next order).

What if I live in an apartment or unit block?
If you may not be home we will still try our very best to deliver to you, however if you have a secure entrance (i.e. we cannot access your front door), you will need to provide an alternative place for us to leave your goods. Unfortunately, we take no responsibility for deliveries once left at your selected location.

I will be in the South Gippsland soon; can I pick up organic beef and lamb directly from your farm?
Unfortunately legally we’re not allowed to sell our meat directly from the farm.

When is your next farm tour?
In an effort to provide total transparency around the paddock to plate process we open up the farm once a year for our customers to visit.  These tours are held each spring, if you would like to keep updated on our next farm tour please sign up to our mailing list. 

Contactless deliveries during Covid-19?
In 2020, we are offering contactless deliveries to mitigate any risks relating to the current pandemic. We are advising our customers who are expecting home deliveries to please leave a note on their front door with any special instructions if they would like a contactless delivery for our drivers to see. Customers may also leave special instructions when placing an order through the website.

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