Certified Organic Half Pig Butchered

Certified Organic Half Pig Butchered

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Price per kg $24.00 per kg     Portion Size Approximately 20 kgs of pork

What you will receive:

  • Your pork will be cut into convenient portion sizes for two people (or four on request)
  • Your pork will be vacuum sealed and labelled and delivered in a cardboard box (or polystyrene if you may not be home to receive your order)
  • Your storage requirements for your pork is similar to 10 loaves of bread

Cuts of Pork:
If you would like to cut your pork in a different way to suggestion below please request an 'cut up sheet' and we will give you alternatives to each cut of pork

Loin           Pork Rack & Pork Chops
Leg            Pork Leg on the Bone & Boneless Pork Leg
Ribs           Pork Belly & Pork Ribs
Shoulder   Scotch Pork Roast & Boneless Pork Roast
Trotters     2 x Trotters
Hocks        2 x Hocks
Mince        You will receive a small amount of pork mince

Head & Ears
If you would like the head & ears we can give these to you at no cost. 

Total Cost
Portion sizes are an approximation, the amount charged will be the actual weight of the product you receive multiplied by the price per kg.  You will receive an invoice confirming the final total of your order